Hair Care Products

Agonist® Shampoo; a superior detoxification complex which can be used as daily care shampoo that nourishes and restores hair and scalp. It is a specially balanced blend of 5 different plant extracts containing phytosterols, flavanoids and various phenolic antioxidant molecules, 12 amino acids-proteins, 3 natural oils containing essential fatty acids and other micro nutrients including tocopherols, carotenes, nicotinamide and essential minerals to support healthy hair and scalp.
Agonist® Recovery & Reconstructing Hair Solution supplies essential micro nutrients for epidermis and dermis. It is an innovative formulation that nourishes epidermal cells, regulates hair follicle life cycles and protects against male type hair loss. 
Agonist® Revitalizing Hair Care Oil is a superior herbal oil complex that restores hair which is dull, dry, brittle and weak because of environmental pollutants, hair dyes, perm, air dryers and diseases. It also nourishes and regenerates follicle cells. It is a pure and 100% natural formula that makes healthy, brilliant, soft, voluminous and manageable hair. Agonist Oil Complex maintains hair's natural hydro-lipid balance and prevents dandruff.
Agonist® Recovery & Reconstructing Hair Balsam offers an integrated way for especially female to care hair’s immediate needs while repairing its past and protecting its future.  Agonist® Balsam contains phyto-extracts that promote hair growth and dermis nutrition through targeted interventions in the aging process. It has unique formula that makes healthy, brilliant, soft, voluminous and manageable hair with any texture.

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