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For the daily eyelash, eyelid and eyebrow hygiene

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Clinically proven effectiveness and safety

Blefar-ex is designed for the daily cleansing of eyelashes and eyelids of the Blepharitis patients. Blepharitis is an eye condition affecting eyelids that is characterized by the inflammation of the eyelash follicles, sebaceous and apocrine glands. Several diseases and conditions can cause blepharitis including environmental factors, systemic diseases, infectious agents as bacteria, virus and parasites. Symptoms are severe in the presence of Demodex folliculorum (a type of mite living in eyelid follicles)  and this  type of blepharitis is  more resistant to conventional therapies.


Blefar-ex contains tea tree oil (TTO) (Melaleuca alternifolia), borago oil and calendula extract  in addition to some other herbal actives. Blefar-ex is effective in reducing mucinous cell damage, eliminating dry eye symptoms, increasing tear quality, preventing ocular irritation and inflammation, maintaining epithelial integrity and demodex eradication.

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Research conducted by the approval of Ministry of Health-Turkish Medicines/Medical Devices Agency (01.07.2016 date/no 86341) in Ankara Numune Education and Research Hospital 
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